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Life in the Time of Coronavirus (Week 1)

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2020 at 9:00 pm

Loyal readers (all five of you)—we know it’s been ages since you heard from us. Life was complicated until it became suddenly and agonizingly simple and we found ourselves with time on our hands and a deep craving for communitas.

In an attempt to calm our existential anxieties, the four of us—Christine, Debra, Lois, and Lorna—have been texting each other every day with six-word stories about Life in the Time of Coronavirus. Since the plague seems to be the only thing on our minds right now, the exercise has given us a way to creatively channel our obsession. And it has helped us laugh together.

So we’re sharing the stories we’ve complied so far, with the hope that you’ll add some of your own. We’ll keep posting them until we are all safely on the other side of the pandemic. Or until we can think of something else to write about.

Be well.

Hand washing beats back hand wringing.
Mom forgets why she’s locked up.
Tuesday writers’ group cancelled. Why live?
Jigsaw puzzles are fun! (Day One)
Childhood wish granted: no school forever.
Without showers, social distancing is effortless.
Last supper with sons: no hugs.
No nailbiting when I need it.
Tulip Time is cancelled! Klompen solo.
Lorna Jane: a six-word story machine.
You opened Pandora’s box, not me.
Who knew six was so easy?
The president speaks. Our confidence crashes.
Cleanliness next to godliness? I’m sainted.
Aimless wandering leads nowhere good.
Free toilet paper with hot dog purchase!
‪‭Millennials have mortgages: tip for takeout.
‪‭Tip: Stay home. Servers: no tips.
‪‭Who knew focus would elude me?
Niece being tested. Just got personal.
Groundhog Days: coffee…wine. Bed. Repeat.
‘It’s unreal.’ ‘So surreal.’ Too real.
He coughs. I freeze. False alarm.
Sequestered with books! Can’t read yet.
Dad is nervous. Mom blissfully ignorant.
(Woke early. Wrote six word stories.)
Linkedin: “you appeared in three searches.”
Corona-wary, I run upwind of others.
Required reading: “How to Do Nothing.”
No time for a confirmed telephobe.
Same clothes for how many days?
We’re all in this together, alone.
Evidence-based lifehack: Swap Twitter for Rosy.
Time for rationing: chocolate, news, anxiety.
Sudden realization: these walls need washing.
Pants? Leggings? Long underwear? Nobody cares.
No bra. Why did I ever?
Six words. All I can manage.
Lorna quit. I still bite, pick.
I lied. Biting as we speak.
Trump is talking. I can’t manage.
Corona win: Washed that gross curtain.
I read three pages, remember none.
Our dog Zeke remains blissfully unaware.
Geese honking on this peaceful morning.
Considering sticker chart to keep moving.
Slept nine hours; my new hobby.
God drives Brad back to Facebook.
Madeline reminds me: Just show up.
On my walk, avoiding friendly people.
Corona bonus: Shower stays clean longer.

  1. I’ve missed you very clever, talented women.
    Judy Malcolm

  2. Unbelievable – stories written in six words

  3. Welcome news. Love that you’re back!!

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