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Life in the Time of Coronavirus (Week 2)

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2020 at 12:43 pm

This is how four writers pass the time (and stay connected) during their isolation. Join us by adding your 6-word stories in the comments.

Striped pajamas look like prison garb.
First rule of coronavirus: Get dressed.
On her checklist: Make another checklist.
During week two she downloads Minecraft.
“If we’re going to live together…”
Baked three dozen cookies. Uh oh.
Baked six perfect cookies. Only six.
Lockdown is no time for Luddites.
Hated social media; now seems poignant.
New exercise routine: bouncing off walls.
Kiss dying aunt through a mask.
Long walk to mailbox yields disappointment.
Mom forgot about the virus again.
Schitts Creek, because we’re up it.
Finished the mini marshmallows. What’s next?
Dad’s 85th birthday party via iPhone.
Cemetery run: the dead don’t cough.
She’s staying busy growing her hair.
Laundry day! She has a mission.
Need granola two days early. Snacker!
New diet: too stressed to eat.
Doctor friends are updating their wills.
So excited to see mail truck!
Madeline’s birthday; we FaceTime group hug.
She cannot believe it’s still March.
Writing, we forgo articles, add colons.
Forlorn, Dad asks, “Where’s my family?”
Separated by distance, united in grief.
Sober silver lining: no school shootings.
Screen addicted teens miss real contact.
Made some cookies. Chocolate at last!
(Recipe only makes 12, thank heavens.)
Deafening peepers: Check for open windows.
New best friend: Heather Cox Richardson.
Shouldering fear and sadness, she runs.
Bryan dropped donuts at back door.
I want Bryan for my friend.
Times crossword: it must be Sunday.
Stress points: safety guidelines and playlist.
Brad misses Nixon, “garden variety terrible.”
(The bar is so very low.)

  1. Cuomo’s my hero: Just the facts.

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