Finding balance in the second half of life

Life in the Time of Coronavirus (Week 3)

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2020 at 12:27 pm

This is how four writers pass the time (and stay connected) during their isolation. Join us by adding your 6-word stories in the comments.

I wake up, smell the coffee.
Minecraft: sons remind her to eat.
Fake tree stays up, spreading light.
(Fucking tree still up; husband insists.)
Son arrives. What joy! (What germs?)
Days are starting later and later.
Baking for twelve, eating for one.
Happy hour starts earlier, lasts longer.
People in movies stand too close!
Testing lipsticks like a bored child.
One of us likes world music.
Her French class moves online. Merveilleux!
Our cities are empty Hollywood sets.
On my quiet street, birds rule.
Constant risk calculation drains my humanity.
Are onions essential or not essential?
The news wasn’t news at all.
Happy April Fool’s Day! If only…
Jigsaw massacre! Cats attempt to “help.”
Reminders from life BC appear, obsolete.
Going to bed because why not.
Bird flew into window, hard. Understandable.
Inexplicably, the Tiger King cleanses, renews.
FaceTime with sons: she wears earrings.
Greetings from mask making mini factory.
Scary, seldom-used back stairway suddenly attractive.
Considering amputating hands. No more washing!
Hazel says, “When the sickness ends…”
Plenty of time to do Kegels.
“Happy Birthday” in dad’s own hand.
New tennis opponent: the garage door.
Masked man delivers her aunt’s ashes.
Lhzy–sorry! Was sanitizing my phone.
Received fudge in mail. Restraint doubtful.
Lois’s mail better than mine. Why?
Tracking business miles is really easy.
Staring at Lake Michigan is zen.
Fear weary. Bring it on already.
Everyone grieving life seldom considered before.
Our former lives ghosted us. Rude!
The worst loss is always yours.
Allan died. A kind, brilliant man.
“Missing compelling reason to get dressed.”
Do or not do; both okay.
Free at last, she recycles puzzle.
Should eat all fudge, banish temptation.
Happy nostalgia tripping through 80’s movies.
Desperately Seeking Susan, Pretty in Pink.
Contemplating dressing up, i.e., getting dressed.
Buddhist service at 9:30, Christian at 11:00.
Wondering, do Buddhists wake up earlier?
Missing reasons to wear a dress.
In Minecraft world: swimming with dolphins.
Avril teary making mask for Hazel.
The turntable is getting a workout.
She tails him, wielding disinfectant spray.
Coronavirus fashion: The stretched-out sleeve look.
Maiming tulips now would deter tourists.
If tulips don’t show, tourists go!
I will miss Dutch Fat Balls.

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