Finding balance in the second half of life

Life in the Time of Coronavirus (Week 8)

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2020 at 12:36 pm

This is how four writers pass the time (and stay connected) during their isolation. We realize we’ve slipped a bit from stories into conversation in 6-word increments; we’re giving ourselves grace given the circumstance. Join us by adding your 6-word stories in the comments.

Trying to get through the day.
Writers are important. Just reminding us.
Bodhi’s exuberance is a daily tonic.
My husband’s good cheer saves me.
Buy eye makeup stock (masked future)!
Dwindling: senses of humor and outrage.
Actually, George, May’s the cruelest month.
I really need to hug. Everyone.
Wear same jeans how many days?
Same 20 in wallet for weeks.
Like an old woman, I reminisce.
I’d rather sit in the sun.
Why does she need these clothes?
She bakes, overnights a loaf of love.
The 24-hour tee gets open-ended extension.
Hyphens gettin’ swole from six-word workouts.
Her car: “Have I offended you?”
Lord. We’ll never get beyond this.
Gretchen gets some ink in it…
Without structure, imagination makes a home.
Her country has let her down.
On Mother’s Day, she hugs herself.
Mom’s coming to dinner. Good? Bad?
Reading: “As bombs fell, libidos soared.”
“Are you still watching?” Stop judging.

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