Finding balance in the second half of life


Places, politics, institutions, causes — and the people who share, despair, and care about them.


Let’s stop pretending life’s not complicated. Not So Simple, Really.

What makes it hard to be part of a church? What makes it worthwhile? Congregating in Faith.

New horizons in digital grieving. Ghosts in the Machine

With temptation at every turn, no one picks the city’s tulips. No Story Here.

Another way Facebook makes us miserable. Status Anxiety

Was life simpler 100 years ago? Or lived on a different scale? Life Goes On

Julie has been re-reading Marjane Satrapi, shares her mother’s way of making “Persian-style” tea — along with her own recipes — and asks readers to raise a cup to those fighting for equal rights on this International Women’s Day (or really, any day) in Raising a Glass of Tea to the Women of Iran.

As a child, Christine knew she was passenger, not crew, on Spaceship Earth. Then she forgot. Groping our Way Toward Green.

Lois is humbled by a friend who can see a moment of redemption, even for Rod Blagojevich. Looking for Redemption

Words can help us to find common ground, or help solidify our differences. For them to do either, Lois reminds herself that Words Mean Something.

Successful marriages are the ones that flex over a lifetime. Perhaps we could let the institution flex, too. Marriage (an All-Over-the-Place Post).

If testosterone leads to more aggression and risk-taking, it’s worth considering just how much we need. Too Much of a Good Thing?

If you’re not happy on Thanksgiving Day, think about the turkey.  No Thanks.

What can we learn from a bicycle accident, a family dog, and Dr. Paul Farmer? It’s all about the details, Lois finds, in Particular Lives.

Are introverts sick? or saintly? Lois finds no answers in Caution: Introversion Ahead.

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