Finding balance in the second half of life


Nuclear and extended, traditional and alternative. Putting up with, letting go of, caring for the ones we love.


Some holidays are as much memorial as celebration. It’s Father’s Day.

When should the tree come down? Not yet. Not yet. O Tannenbaum.

Is it possible to be too patient? It depends on whether it’s your child you’re watching. Too Patient for Words

How do we know what to teach our kids? When have we failed? When do we succeed? What We Know

Helping a daughter feel okay about being, you know, a girl. Another Thing a Dad Can Do

A mother follows her sons following their bliss. Battle Hymn of the Golden Retriever Mother

How will your family survive the holidays? Debra shares her plan. Zombie Christmas

What makes a gift a good gift? How do you know what you want? Ask and You Shall Receive?

When sons leave home, mothers need transitional objects, too. Liminal

Mothers can be a mystery or mysterious. Which is it—and which is worse? Mother, I Hardly Know Thee.

When nobody believes a single career will last a lifetime, when you’re dealing with a kid who’s 18 or 19 and hardly knows what career options they have—what advice do you give about choosing a college major? Enter Career, Stage Right.

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