Finding balance in the second half of life


What’s for dinner? What’s happening to my body? What happened to my 401(k)? Jobs and money, food and shelter, health and exercise: the basics are essential.


Noodling, woolgathering, daydreaming: It’s more important than we think. I Frazz, Therefore I Am?

This is what happens when you can’t sleep. Sleepless

The hardest four-letter word. Can You Say Dead?

The hormonal effects of music. Chill

Who let the dogs in? Debra investigates Pets @ Work

As a child, Christine knew she was passenger, not crew, on Spaceship Earth. Then she forgot. Groping our Way Toward Green.

Can life be simpler? Faster? Require less energy? Lois is attracted to magical thinking. Do or Do Not

What is there about the New Year that leads us to yearn for order? Lois Organizes the New Year. Or, perhaps, not.

A school in London teaches students “how to live.” Debra considers bibliotherapy. School of Life

Julie shares the path that led her to wearing a uniform. I Love My Shirt limns a way to survive the slings and arrows of outrageous fashion.

Lois isn’t sure that all the labels we have for ourselves and each other make anyone’s life easier. Stay-at-Home Working Mother

What is the soundtrack that makes your days better? Cheer Me with Mozart

Why is it that menu planning was so much easier with three kids and a full time job away from home? When all the systems fall apart, there’s still muddling along: Let Them Eat… Something.

I’ve always liked the idea of aging naturally. I wasn’t going to dye my hair or get a facelift or even wear anything more than a light foundation on my face. Then I started aging and saw (once I put on my reading glasses) what aging naturally actually looked like. This Age Is My Age.

Mommy Needs a Manhattan! Another Thursday saved by Maker’s Mark and Kitchen Sink Quesadillas. Thursday: Better Than Fine.

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